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Kristy Tidey Art

Primal Essence

Primal Essence

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  • Fine Art Giclee Print - Printed on archival Hahnemühle Cotton Rag 308gsm paper with vivid, archival pigment-based ink
  • Frame not included
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"Primal Essence" is an original mixed media piece featuring a majestic gorilla, created with charcoal and graphite on an acrylic and watercolour painted background.

The focal point of this piece, the gorilla, stands as an embodiment of primal energy and profound gentleness. Through the bold strokes of charcoal and graphite, the gorilla's form takes shape, each line etching the intricate layers of its character. The gorilla's eyes, deep and soulful, convey emotions that transcend words—a depth of wisdom and sensitivity that unearths our shared emotional fabric.

Contrasting the gorilla is the background rendered in acrylics and watercolours. This choice of medium and its fluidity represents the ever-shifting environment in which the gorilla resides. Fiery abstract motifs in the forest backdrop allude to flames, adding a surreal, almost ethereal, dimension. This duality encapsulates the fragile balance of life: the forest that provides and the fires that, while potentially destructive, also rejuvenate and herald new beginnings.

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