Hello and welcome.

I'm Kristy, a neurodivergent Australian artist with a passion for both creativity and exploration. Based in the picturesque island state of Tasmania/Lutrwuwita, I find inspiration in the enchanting landscapes that surround me and the vibrant experiences life has to offer.

I share my life with my husband, two remarkable neurodivergent children, and two spirited four-legged companions – Sammy, our wise, gentle border collie who experiences a decent dose of anxiety, and Lucy, our quirky sock-stealing cocker spaniel.

From a young age, art has been an outlet... allowing me to express my thoughts, feelings, and perceptions in a way words often fall short. With a background as a qualified early childhood and primary school teacher, education and advocacy have been my life's calling. Currently, I'm honoured to be part of the team at inTune Pathways, an Autistic & Neurodivergent-led organisation dedicated to empowering neurodivergent individuals and their families through online education and support.

My art journey is an exploration of the intricate tapestries of human existence, the imprints left by our experiences, and the hidden narratives within the landscape. Being a trauma survivor, I am deeply aware of the alchemy that exists in shared experiences. The stories we tell, the struggles we've faced, and the love we've found along the way have a profound power. The myriad of emotions, our hidden depths, the scars we bear, and the joy we radiate – I aim to capture it all. 

With a fresh chapter ahead, I’ve taken the plunge into this new adventure: sharing my art through this platform. Thank you for being here, for taking a moment to delve into my world. I hope my creations resonate with you, reminding you of the beauty in the world and within.