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Kristy Tidey Art

Guardian of the Mountain Meadow

Guardian of the Mountain Meadow

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  • Fine Art Giclee Print - Printed on archival Hahnemühle Cotton Rag 308gsm paper with vivid, archival pigment-based ink
  • Frame not included
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    I invite you to step into the realm where brushstrokes narrate a story of the untamed. My acrylic painting, titled "Guardian of the Mountain Meadow," seeks to capture the poignant duality of nature's grandeur and vulnerability. 

    The bear, often emblematic of strength and solitude, stands amidst a vibrant tapestry of yellow wildflowers. These blooms, delicate yet resilient, represent the fleeting moments of beauty that punctuate our existence. Their brilliant yellow hue contrasts with the bear's earthy tones, suggesting the balance of vitality and tranquility in nature.

    In the background, the misty visage of a snow-capped mountain looms, a testament to the enduring spirit of the wild. Its hazy depiction is intentional, reminding viewers of the ephemeral quality of memories and the passage of time. The mountain, while imposing, is softened by the enveloping mist, suggesting nature's inherent gentleness even in its most awe-inspiring moments.

    The interplay of these elements - the bear, the wildflowers, and the mountain - paints a narrative of reverence, resilience, and reflection. It's a call to the viewer to pause and appreciate the intricate dance of life and time, and to recognise the fragile balance upon which the beauty of our world precariously stands.


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